I love creating in wood. For me no other material matches its beauty, warmth, and expressive nature. I design and handcraft custom wood interiors (complete kitchens and baths) and one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture (period pieces to modern classics).

As a craftsman, quality is the essence of my work. I personally work on every piece that leaves my shop, whether it is a bedside table or a complete home interior. This commitment permits only a few clients at a time, which means my workload is such that I can promise and keep deadlines, from custom designing to selecting the wood, to expertly applying finishes, my decades of experience and hands-on approach ensures quality in every step of the process.

Custom design is the heart of my work. The graduate program I did for my Master’s in Fine Arts taught me the basics of design, and my personal experiences as an artist increased my understanding. But truly, my years of working with clients has taught me much more. In creating for others, collaboration is the key to beautiful and functional results. This personal connection is an important and enjoyable part of my work. Unique and creatively challenging jobs are my specialty. Over three decades of experience has made me an expert in wood finishes. My work comes to your home prefinished.

My work is a vehicle to express the natural beauty found in woods. With an eye to the environment, I opt to select renewable wood sources, as well as local wood that are been milled from fallen or removed trees. Though rarely used, many beautiful woods are available with vast creative possibilities. I’ve done exciting kitchens in hickory, sycamore, koa and anderoba, as well as cherry, maple and oak. I pride myself in providing the best in handcrafted furniture and interiors with an emphasis on the natural beauty of wood.

I also continue to create wood sculpture, currently working with drift wood assemblages and carvings.

To contact me:


Clark Kluver – Kluver Brother’s Studio
1620 Old Creek Road
Cayucos, CA 93430-1558